Hundure web-based access control solution offers you a smart “COWORKING SPACE” management!!

Hundure web-based access control solution offers you a smart “COWORKING SPACE” management!!


Mr. Lee is a coworking space supplier. His coworking space locates just minutes away from City Hall MRT and is popular to freelances. Like the other coworking space, his coworking space offers private offices, private desks and common coworking desks, meeting room and office facilities and lounges. But now he feels managing it is a nightmare. Sometimes some of members forget their own access cards or passwords. He has to issue the temporary cards or passwords and must remember to collect them back. Also, he finds some of the members give their cards or passwords to their friends. This will cause the security problem because he doesn’t know who is entering and exiting. The other issue is he must manage the different classes of members, like long-term or short-term rental members, private office or private desk or common coworking desk rental members.The existing system, however, cannot fully support multiple member authorizations and schedule their access time. In addition, 24/7 access is still being a big issue for him because he needs to hire an employee who must be on duty during the night. Moreover, when someone uses a meeting room, he has to be as a front desk staff because the access cards can’t be given in advance.

In order to manage his coworking space in an efficient and cost-effective way, he needs a centralized and real-time access control solution. Hundure access control solution and visitor management solution can satisfy his needs. The access control system is able to assign the multiple access authorizations for different class members. The on-line visitor management system platform can help the meeting room rental management and the membership registration. The QR code will apply to solve the most of access issues which can be generated immediately or in advance. The temporary access QR code can be printed out at meeting day or emailed to meeting attendants before they come. Also, the temporary access QR code will expire after the meeting.

Project Requirements

- A device needs to provide the functions that can manage the door accesses control according the members authorizations and schedules.
- A device is able to read the access QR code to unlock the main door for 24/7 access.

- The client can set the member’s access authorizations and time schedules at anytime, anywhere to be convenient to the customer quick access.
- The software needs to provide the on-line functions that customers can register his membership or rent the meeting room.
- Also this system can generate and send out the access QR code to the customers (i.e. access card) in advance.


Function Descriptions

- Register a member: Through the visitor management system, the customer must register for the membership first and then apply for his demanded service and access time, e.g.a long-term private office renter or a temporary common coworking desk renter.

- Booking a meeting room: The customer can on-line book meeting room through the system.

- Set the different member class authorizations and time schedules: Administrator receives the member application and needs and then set his authorization and his access time. If he is a long-term private office renter, his access card (QR code) can be allowed to unlock the main door and private office door. If he is a temporary renter, his access card is only allowed to unlock main door and be self-invalid when his use time is due.

- Issue the QR code key: After receiving the new application, the administrator inputs the member rental type and time to generate the access QR code and email the access QR code to the member. The access QR code is effective only during the rental period. When renter arrives at the coworking space, he scans the access QR code by PXR-Q1MWS to unlock the door.

- Access key invalidation: The staff doesn’t need to take the door key back because this access QR code only can be used during the rental period. It will be self-invalid after the rental period ends.

- Anti-passback function: Provided the Anti-passback function that prevents the access card (QR code) from being used to enter the coworking space in a second time without first leaving it.

- Record inquiry: The staff can search for renter’s records by date, member no., class type and name. The search result can be exported as excel file.


After installing access control system and visitor management system, these benefits are received.

- Cost effective: The solution can not only offer 24/7 access but send the access QR code by email in advance. Through web-based system, the administrator can deal with the real-time application from member at anytime, anywhere. Regarding these advantages, it is not necessary to hire an on-site staff. This can save the labor cost.

- Saving the card cost: The access card can be generated by the QR code, so the card costs can be saved.

- More convenient: Renters can save the QR code in their smart phones. They don’t need worry about the room keys are forgotten or lost or thieved.

- More secure: The Anti-passback function can avoid the renter from handing his card to another person to use. The renters must scan the QR code to get-in and exit so it will make the place more secure.



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